Tequila - Iztic - Blanco

With every bottle we trace our history from the dawn of man to the world today, with each detail etched into the container telling another tale about the origins of humankind.

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Tequila - Iztic - Reposado

The bottle top mimics the tip of a spear, a weapon used for millennia in all cultures. Playing on our continuous ability to adapt and transform, the spear tip acts as a symbol of empowerment.

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Tequila - Iztic - Añejo

Two great icons adorn the neck of the bottle: the sun, representing limitless power, life and energy; and on the opposite face, the moon, representing the beauty and serenity that lights up the night.

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Tequila - Iztic - Extra añejo

The logo itself is a direct reference to perhaps the most pervasive presences in Mesoamerican mythologies, that of Quetzalcoatl, or “The Feathered Serpent”, a half-bird, half serpent deity signifying the duality of man’s existence on the physical and spiritual planes.

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Tequila - Iztic - Añejo Cristalino

At the base of the bottle is the face of the Aztec calendar, a tribute to their knowledge of the stars and the universe, a legacy of space and time that lives on today. The name “Iztic” comes from the word for “COLD” in Nahuatl, the ancient language of the Aztec world.

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